Intuitive Tarot | Channeled Guidance

As an Energy Intuitive, I am able to read the energy surrounding certain events or situations that you would like clarity with. I use the Tarot as a tool to assist with reading this energy, and my Spirit Guides are always ready to give pieces of information that are relevant. Astrology is sometimes used in readings, if this information becomes available to me. I work with each client to use the information from the readings in order to become empowered within the situations they may be facing. Even a potential 'negative' interpretation of a situation can be completely turned around with a positive outcome! These sessions are not just Tarot readings; They are coaching sessions to help my clients discover how to achieve the outcome desired.

General Love

General Money

Specific Life Event / Situation

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General Love Reading

  • This is for those who don't have a specific situation they are dealing with, but want an understanding of potential energy that is available to them in the immediate future of 1 - 6 months.

General Money Reading

  • In this reading you will learn what energy you have available to you for the next 6 month that can be used to improve your finances.

Specific Life Event / Situation

  • This reading is for those who have 1 - 2 questions regarding a situation they are working with. 

  • You can discover clarity of the events that you may not have realized prior.

  • This situation can be love, career, money, family, etc. 





Readings are 45 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the information that becomes available to me. I don't charge by the time, because I can't guarantee that I'll have enough information to present. However, if I get an abundance of information, sometimes a reading will be longer than 60 minutes. Each reading is recorded and emailed to you. Having a recorded reading is useful as you may go back and re-listen at a later time. Sometimes, we only hear information that is relevant to us at a specific moment, and as we work with the energy and move through our situations in life, we hear other information from the reading that may be useful at a later time.