Soul Realignment | The Akashic Records 

I invite you to take a transformational journey with me that will change your life and open up the door to a whole new you; a confident, powerful you, as I help you identify and develop your Soul Purpose. By using the Soul Realignment® modality, I will create your Soul's Profile by accessing your Akashic Records. Soul Realignment® is an intuitive, multidimensional and powerful healing modality that helps you unlock your Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns, allowing you to create the life you choose in real and practical ways.

Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it extends from Source until it returns. At the time we make the decision to experience life in 3D on this planet, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records and its objective is to record all life experience.

Soul Realignment® Akashic Reading 

Energetic Property Clearing

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In this reading, you will discover;

  • The origin of your Soul and the unique aspects of your soul group that shape who you are

  • Your current Soul vibration

  • The energetic qualities of your Soul; how you can express them fully to create a life full of love and abundance

  • How to become more aligned with your Divine Nature

  • How aware you are of the connection to your Higher Self

  • If you are making choices that are supporting who you are at Soul Level

  • How many, and who your spirit guides are

  • Any negative thought patterns that are preventing you from living your best life

  • If you have fields of protection around you; how to increase them

  • Possible earthbound spirits, negative entities or attaching souls that may be blocking to you, and how to remove them

  • If any aspects of your Soul have been lost through trauma, and how to retrieve them; and alternatively if you are carrying a part of another Soul

  • Any Soul contracts, bargains or constraints that you may have created in a past life or in the current one

  • If you are currently engaged in negative astral travel, which may be affecting how you connect to and draw Divine Energy

  • A reading of the past lives where each of the blocks and restrictions were created, and an understanding of why they have been carried over into this life

This reading will reveal what your true gifts and talents are. It will show you which path to follow, what decisions to make, which jobs to accept, and whether certain relationships are benefiting you.

It will show you which decisions to make in order to bring absolute abundance into your life!

You will be able to see a clear pattern of choices from the past to present, and as you choose to release these negative blocks and restrictions, you will be given the freedom to begin creating love and abundance in your life.

After this reading, I will clear your soul karma and any blocks and restrictions preventing you from achieving your ideal life. For 21 days following the reading, you will begin to translate and synthesize this information in your physical mindbody; speaking a personalized clearing statement for 21 consecutive days, in conjunction with an exercise to balance the brain and a meditation to deepen your connection to the Source Energy. Immediately following this reading, you will receive a complimentary BodyTalk Session to help synthesize the information, in order to accelerate the changes you desire to implement in your life.

Each reading is delivered in a 60 to 90-Minute private call or over zoom. It is recorded and emailed to you, so that you may relisten as often as possible.



Not only do the Akashic Records maintain information regarding our Soul throughout all its lifetimes, it also maintains records of property. There may be negative energies or entities attached to a property that are influencing residents. This clearing session has been found to be extremely useful if you are trying to sell a house or if you want to ensure your home is free of negative influence. We can also invite Love and customized Blessings into your space to manifest whatever you wish to experience (harmony, money, etc.). 

Sometimes after we have a Soul Realignment® Akashic Reading, we no longer feel at ease in our space. This clearing works helps to establish a positive energy flow in our home or work space. For clients who have received a Part I/Part II reading or the 21-Day Life Transformation, I offer the Energetic Property Clearing free of charge.

Each reading is delivered in a 15 to 30-minute private call or over zoom. It is recorded and emailed to you, so that you may relisten as often as possible.




Soul Realignment® Akashic Reading: $275.00

Energetic Property Clearing: $75.00